Sunday, 30 September 2012

Tonights the night...

Tonight's the night. If you are a Dexter fan then you have been waiting months for tonight. It was the season premier of the new season. I love this TV show. If you are a fan you know how awesome it is. Tonight my good friends Mike and Meghan invited my sister and I to their house for a Dexter party. I have been looking forward to this all summer. Meghan is a very creative person I am determined to turn her into a quilter. She made some great decorations for tonight and hope she does not mind that I want to share what she did. Check out this table and thanks again Meghan!


  1. Thank you Miriam! Mike and I had a really great time, and loved having you over! Thanks for bringing the wonderful goodies!!!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Dexter!!! I can hardly wait until next week!

    Btw...Mike wanted me to tell you that he tried posting but couldn't get past the secret code! lol