Saturday, 29 September 2012

Makes you do a double take...

Today I was at work and we were all kind of chatting. You know pretending to look busy when really you are not doing anything. We were chatting and if you are out and about you kind of notice that zombies are the it thing right now. There are Zombie walks, tv shows and if you talk to any one under the age of 20 they think the Zombie Apocalypse could happen. At work we are talking about this and what our escape route would be. Forget fire drills and earthquakes. It's the Zombies we need to prepare for. When we are chatting and looking busy this car cruises by in the parking lot. No word of lie his car says Zombie patrol. I think my co- workers are giving me a hard time.So I do what every blogger does. I wait for him to park and go inside the mall,and then I grab a camera, any camera and I go check his car out. Sure enough our eyes were not fooling us. His car said Zombie Patrol. The guy even had skeletons in the back seat. Wonder what happens when he goes through a road block?

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