Monday, 3 September 2012

An amazing gift

Hi everyone! Hope this long weekend is treating you all well. In my everyday life I'm a travel agent. It's a great job that is made better by the people I meet and work with. I had a co-worker named Jeni. She left us to go and get married in England. I miss Jeni but I gained her family. Yup! I love her family and will do movies nights with her sister, visit her Oma and help plan the family vacations. A few months back her mom whom I call Moma Fisher was in the shop and we got to talking about quilting and hobbies. She mentioned to me a quilt that a friend of hers had given her unfinished quilt many years ago. I love quilting as do all of you.So of course my curiosity was killing me. A few more months go by. Moma Fisher comes into the shop with the quilt. My heart stopped!! It was a hand pieced hexie's!! I was ohhhing and ahhing over this beautiful quilt. When Moma fisher told me that I can have it. I was so surprised and excited. I happily excepted the gift and can't wait to finish it.


  1. Wow!! This quilt is going to beautiful!! You are going to make Mama Fisher proud!! Such a good daughter! SCORE!!!

  2. Can't wait to see this finished Miriam, what an awesome gift from the heart!