Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Year End Ball

Hi Everyone! Hope the summer is treating everyone well. I have been so busy. At work June 30 brought our year end. We are and Australian company so July 1st is a new business year for us. With the new year come the celebrations from the year that just ended. We have a black tie ball. All the shops in Western Canada go to Vancouver for an awards gala. This is our time to relax and have some fun. For me this also means dressing up. Not my favourite thing to do. This is always a chore for me. Dressing up always makes me feel uncomfortable.The shop I work at is in Victoria and the fun part is taking the float planes from Victoria to Vancouver. Here are some photos from the plane on my journey from Victoria to Vancouver.

Goodbye Victoria, Hello downtown Vancouver. This flight only takes 30 minutes. So much nicer then the ferry.Now it is time to get ready for the ball.
My shoes and jewelry. Yes my thimble is there.

My bosses watch.
My co-workers. Lisa,Jason and Arlee

The Westshore girls. Lisa Arlee and myself

My co-worker Paul and myself
 Thanks for coming along with me to our year end ball. Until next July.