Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Mug Mat Fundraising * sold out*

Hi Everyone. I have no idea where the summer has gone. I can't believe that September is just a day away. September at my job means it's conference time. For those that don't know me I work for Flight Centre. I love my job as a travel agent and I love working for a company that gives back. In September our Managers and Assistant Managers go on conference. It is usually to a very nice location. I went last year and we got to go to Jamaica. Yup it is a hard job when you HAVE to go to Jamaica for work. While in Jamaica we stayed at Sandals Whitehouse. Yup really hard job :) What I love about Sandals is they give back to the communities that they are in. They have a charity called the Sandals Foundation. While we are at conference we have one day of volunteer work. This is my favorite day. Here is a link about the 700 Flight Centre employees face lift on a town. Flight Centre at Beeston Springs
I was part of the team that helped build a soccer field and store for the kids. We hauled trash,cut grass with machetes and hauled cement. My favorite part is we had a few locals and as we were passing the buckets of cement we sang Bob Marley's One Love. Now when ever i here this song It bring me back to that day in Jamaica in the pouring rain passing cement down a line of 50 people. We also met the village elder. She came and shook all out hands. She had tears running down her face as she could not believe we were all spending our time to help build this little village. It was an amazing day. Here is a picture of my good friend Ashley and myself. I was not lying when I say it was pouring rain.
Before we went to Jamaica we did fundraising for The Sandals Foundation. The coolest part is for every dollar we raised Flight Centre matched it. What a great place to work!! When I was in Jamaica Flight Centre present the Sandals Foundation with a check for $50 000. It was amazing. This year i am not going to Jamaica but I believe in The Sandals Foundation and what they do. So I am helping my shop fundraise. I am trying to be creative with my fundraising. I did my bosses receipts. He felt it was money well paid, little does he know I love paper work. :) I know I'm not sure why I love paper work either. I have also made Mug Mats. I thought these would sell like crazy to Flighties. (Flighties are what we call people who work at Flight Centre.) They didn't bite. I was sad as I worked really hard. My sister Natasha gave my some scarps to make the Mats with but i guess it is hard to sell to non quilters. I am selling these Mats for $10. All the money goes to The Sandals Foundation. If you are interested let me know. We can do Credit card If you live in Victoria you can of course pay cash. If it needs to be shipped we will pay for the shipping with Canada and the United States So if you want to help those less fortunate but also have a nice desk decoration then let me know it is a Win/Win situation. Also to the Sandals Fundation your $10 will be worth $20 because Flight Centre matches what we make.

Here are the Mug Mats

Just let me know which one would like to move to your house or office.

Halloween One

Halloween pin Wheels

Halloween 2

Dr Seuss

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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Oh My Go! I spy a Go! Giveaway

Hi Everyone!

I was surfing my favorite blogs while at work today and I came across a great blog that is doing a give away for a GO!.

I want one of GO! cutters so bad!
Run,Bike,Walk on over to

Enter to win! Let her know I sent you :)

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Quilts off the Avenue !

Hi Everyone!
The last few weeks I have been busy getting my quilts done for the annual Cloth Castle's Quilt Challenge.This year the challenge was crazy patch. This something I look forward to every year. I had two quilts in the show. I fell in love with Sashiko and I did a hand done Sashiko Dragon wall hanging.
Here is a photo.
I tied for first in the wall hanging category.
I also had a large quilt in the show. For those who read my blog have seen my large quilt as I have been working on it. Here is a photo of it done.
Here is my crazy about DR Seuss Quilt. It placed second in the large quilts.

Wait until you see the quilt that came in first! It was stunning. Louisa who made the winning quilt spent 3 months and 8 hours a day working on it. She used threads by Ricky Timms. She did such a great job that when she email Ricky Timms he emailed her back to let her know what an amazing job she had done. Her quilt is going to to be in his magazine The Quilt life in October or November. Here is some photos of it. Like I said it was STUNNING!

Here is my sister wall hanging. Done with wool.Her wall hanging came in second for the wall hangings

Ok Hope you are all having a great day.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Just finished my first baby quilt.

Hi Everyone!
 I hope you are all well. This summer is just flying by. It seems like yesterday it was Christmas. I have been really busy getting some projects done. I had a co-worker who was having a baby. It was due on August 13. The little guy showed up two weeks early. I thankfully I  had his welcome to the world gift ready. This is the first time that I have made a baby quilt for someone. I am always nervous giving quilts away. You can all probably understand. I always worry what if they don't take care of it. I will be upset if it becomes the dog blanket. Thankfully Rebecca does not have a dog. When Rebecca told me she was pregnant I was really excited. Then the brain started thinking and I knew she needed a quilt for her second child. I love Dr Seuss fabric and Rebecca knows how much I love it as well. So then I knew I had to make a Dr Seuss quilt for there new little boy.

So Welcome to the world Stephen Dexter Frost!