Wednesday, 27 June 2012

I want candy!

Hi Everyone! Ever have those days when you just need candy? I love candy and It makes me happy.(I'm sure it makes me hyper as well) . When i see a candy store or a new candy that you have not seen in years. I always remember one of my favorite movie quotes from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Where Charlie tells Mike Teevee. "Candy doesn't need to have a point.". I feel that way as well. Here are some photos of some candy that I enjoy. In fact I enjoy so much I had to take photos.

Where has the time gone!

Hi Everyone. It has been a while since my last blog post. I have been working on a lot of projects. The biggest one I am working on is a Red and White quilt for the Cloth Castles Red and White quilt challenge here in Victoria. I started my Red and White quilt last September. I can not post pictures yet as I want it to be a secret until August 25. I will say this I had to learn to do paper piecing for it and one block alone took over 18 hours. Yes 18 hours! Ok I cave I will show you a little sneak peek
That is block one of 20. They are all different. I should have the finished quilt posted on late July early August.

In other news. For those who know me, know during the day I am a travel agent. I love my job and I love the people I work with. My boss is probably the best boss I have ever had. Everyday we work hard but we sure like to have fun. My co-workers are not quilters heck they are not even crafters. I love that they make every effert to take an interest in what I am working on and they all have no problem giving me a hard time about my fabric "collection". Every once in a while I make them little presents. My boss Jason just got a new puppy. So I thought Hmm puppies look adorable in bandanas,

So I pulled out my embrodery machine and got to work.
This is pipers Bandana!

Since we have fun at work. Here is my boss and myself making sure it is up to standards.

Oh wait I forgot this was for his dog Piper!

Piper with her new bandana!

Piper loves her bandana so much. I made some for her friends.

Well that is all from me today. Have a good day everyone!