Thursday, 27 September 2012

The Sweetest Thing!

Hi Everyone!

 Hope all of you are doing well. I'm sure you are all starting to work on your fall projects. I have a few fall projects in mind and will start them soon. Today was my day off and the day was beautiful. I decided to call my mom and asked of she wanted to come for an adventure with me. Mom loves to go on adventures so she was game for a little car ride.
This one of the Signs for the Lolly Gobble.
 We live in Sooke and I was needing some candy. I love candy and have my favorite shops that I go to for some of my favorite sweet treats. It was nice and I have a road trip buddy. I pick up my mom and we start the hour long drive to beautiful Sidney. Here on Vancouver Island this is a cute little town that has tons of secondhand book stores, great restaurants and my favorite candy store. Candy makes me smile and you can forget your troubles for a while. The store that I love is called Lolly Gobble Sweet Shop. From the moment you turn the corner it looks whimsical and so happy and inviting. My heart always races with happiness. Then you walk in and you see the most amazing selections of candy. Every time I have gone here the staff are friendly and so helpful. Today I met Ann the owner. You can tell she loves candy and her pride and happiness comes through in her store. I over heard her talking about licorice with a customer. I had no idea there were so many difference kinds and she knew what they all tasted like. I was impressed. She knows her stuff. The lady she was helping was not to sure about trying it but Ann gave her a taste and the woman was so happy she bought some of the new licorice. This is a store that wants you to enjoy what you are buying and I love that. They also do candy bouquets. These are so cool. What a great idea for those who have allergies and those who need to be careful they have sugar free ones as well. This is shop that is a must see. The bouquets are a must have. Hint hint Halloween and Christmas is just around the corner. Oh I forgot to mention Ann is a quilter and was very happy to let me take photos of her shop for my blog. Next time you are in Sidney stop in to Lolly Gobble and pick up something for that sweet tooth we all pretend we don't have. The addresss is 9774 Third Street Sidney BC. The website is
Now for the fun stuff. The photos. Thank you Ann for letting me share your store and for all the candy recommendations.

This is the outside of the store. I love it!

My favorite view. This photo is taken from the entry of the store, Makes me smile!
 The Bouqets are AWESOME! These can be ordered and delivered anywhere in the world via fed ex or locally here in Victoria! What a great idea.

Now a tour around her shop. There is great selection of British Import Candy and all your other favorites. Sorry if some of the pictures are blurry they were taken with my iPhone as I did not have my camera with me.

The British Import section.

This is all the different Licorice this shop has.
This shelf contains my FAVORITE candies. The Bon Bons on the top shelf.

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