Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Have Quilt, will travel

Hi Everyone! Hope you are all having a wonderful Wednesday. Today I am getting ready to take a quick trip.My sister Nastasha, Mom and Myself and some of our friends are going to Las Vegas for our Mom's 60th Birthday. We fly out from Victoria tomorrow afternoon. I love to travel so I guess it helps that I am a travel agent. Like a quilter that works in a fabric shop. Several years ago whenever we travelled my sister always brought a quilt along. I would think why would you pack that with you? Then I started to get into quilting and now I understand why she packs a quilt with her. It is a little bit of home while you are not at home. I made my self a flannel quilt and now i take it everywhere. I did a work trip to Jamaica in September and all my co-workers shook there heads when in the airport on a lay over I whipped out my quilt. Next thing i know there was 6 of us cuddled under that quilt for a few hours. Here is a picture of my travel quilt.
This quilt has been with me all over. Her first trip was to Disneyland. Then it came with me all over Italy,stayed in the Disneyland DreamSuite,Jamaica and now Las Vegas.
Along with my quilt I have one more thing that comes with me while travelling. Its my lucky travel hat! I love hats and while travelling i hate having to do my hair so I have this one hat I wear. It was funny while in Italy with my Mom she wanted some pictures with out my hat. So i did not wear it. The tour director thought they left me behind because he always looked for My hat.
In the Disneyland Dreamsuite.

In Jamaica

Mom and I on The Isle of Capri in Italy
Doing "Time" in San Sebastian Mexico

On a tour of San Fransisco

 Until next time friends!

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  1. Yep, it's gonna be a rockin good time-hope you all can keep up to the birthday girl!