Sunday, 3 April 2011

The First Post

Hi Everyone! This is my very first post for my new blog. I have so many ideas going through my mind on what I want to blog about.I will start with the how I got involved in Quilting.
I am a new quilter and let me tell you I am hooked! I love the fabrics . I like to think I'm a quilter but it turns out quilter is also a fancy word for fabric collector. I do not mind one bit. I think the finding of the fabric  is just as fun as the finished project. I love the joy I feel when I find that one fabric that is a just have to have. For myself it is usually a Halloween fabric as I love Halloween. I am also loving the Dr Seuss fabrics that are out now. The colors are just so vibrant and they bring me back to when I was a little Miriam.
As quilters we all start somewhere. My sister Natasha is an amazing quilter. She has a blog as well. If I was clever and knew what I was doing I would put a link to her blog here. I do not know how to do this yet. Her blog name is Joy of Quilting. Having a sister who designs her own patterns and every quilt she makes looks amazing with all her seems matching, can be daunting to someone who is new. About 2 years ago I took my sisters beginners quilting class at the Cloth Castle in Victoria BC. When I take her classes people think because she is my sister that she goes easy on me. ( Or they think i know what I am doing) In both these situations they are both false. The beginners class was 6 weeks long and we learned how to make a quilt from start to end. She even gave us homework (GASP) But by the end we had a lap size quilt done. I started to really enjoy the art and the Fabric collecting began. That August her shop did a quilt challenge. People paid $20 to enter and then the public came and voted for the best quilts. The challenge was the 4Patch quilt. I thought I think I can make one of those quilts. One day as I was fabric collecting I came across this amazing fabric that was postcards from around the world. I love to travel and so I thought this would be perfect for me. In the back of my mind as I was thinking about the quilt challenge. How can I make a quilt that will be up to par with the my sisters. She has a reputation and people seem to think we should have the same talent. One day as we were driving I thought about my travels and where I have been and also where my friends have gone. For a few years as people I knew travelled and myself I would ask them to bring back a patch from the country that they have visited. I have lots of patches and thought there has to be a way I can put these on my quilt. So the planning began. My sister helped me picked out the fabric.Ok she picked it all out and gave my nod of approval. Who am I to argue with the person who actually knows what she is doing when it comes to quilting. So I started my project. I was careful on all my cutting and sewing. It wasn't until I started sewing the quilt that i realized every fabric that was chosen was a directional. This is where i became best friends with my seam ripper. I took my time and Natasha encouraging me the whole way. I got my quilt top done.The day of the show people came and voted. I was so proud of my quilt and when the Tally's were added Natasha came in first but imagine my surprise when I came in third! To me it felt like first. So it began. I was a quilter.
This will be a blog about the things I enjoy. Quilting,knitting,beading,cross stitch,embroidery,sashiko and my favorite thing Candy. If you stay tuned.. Until next time.


  1. Wahoo Miriam, you rock! Well done on your first blog and the leader of SSRQ. Am waiting with baited breath for your next post. Keep on quilting, and knitting and beading and sachikoing. Gotta show Della!

  2. Congratulations on your very first post! Welcome to blogland. I came over via your sister's blog. I look forward to your next posting!

  3. Oh Miriam, I enjoyed your post so much - it's so much fun - exuberant as you are! Thanks for starting one. I will be a follower - how's that for no pressure -lol. I too have started a blog and have to figure out how to operate it. Feels like talking to myself at times and at others very narcissistic but think I will add to it from time to time.

  4. Welcome to blogging. You better get sewing to keep up with everyone!

    your sister