Thursday, 22 September 2011

CLICK for Babies

Hi Everyone!
Are you going to Click for babies? Do you Knit or Crochet? Are you wondering what the heck Click for babies is? Click for babies is a program where knitters and Crochet folks get together and make purple hats for newborn babies. Their goal is for every newborn baby in the month of  November will get a purple baby hat.This is to help bring awareness to the period of purple crying.

A great website for more info is CLICK FOR BABIES   and for BC and Canada we also have this site BC and Canada

I think this a great cause. If you live in Victoria BC. I am hosting a Click with me session at the Cloth Castle. This event will be October 2 from 12 to 3pm. We will get together and work on our purple hats. If you can't make it but still want to help buy some purple yarn, we will make sure some hats get knit or crocheted up. If you need to buy your yarn all the Purple yarn at the Cloth Castle is 15% off for the purple hats. If you need help with some patterns the two websites above have some free patterns. They are quick and easy. This is a great way to help and all we need to do is something we already love to do. That is be creative. If you are able to come to our little Click for the babies event let me know and we can hold your seat. It will be lots of fun and a great afternoon.

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Thanks for stopping by and hope you Click with me!

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  1. you are wonderful for setting this up! it really is such a great cause! i hope i can pop by for a little while, ... it's our anniversary on that day :) yay purple caps!