Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Oh My GO! Another Go! Give away!

OMG! Nope not that O M G it is for Oh My GO! There is another GO! Giveaway on my friend Kathy's Blog. Here is the link to enter Quilting Along the Gorge. Check her blog out! She is working on some great projects. Kathy is a great person and fun to be around. I wonder if bribery works to win? Can always try.

Good Luck Every one!


  1. Ladybug to Raven - Count me in! If I win, that means you either have to deliver and/or come teach me how to use it. Yes, the guest bedroom is ready and waiting. Sewing room . . . not so much!

    Huggie Wuggies,
    (NOW you know, don't you?)

  2. Good luck in the BABY GO! GA...wish me luck in the Slice GA!! haha
    I've signed up to out you are going to be bombarded!!
    It's been a slice...

  3. Just signed up to be a follower. Love your blog, where is the candy!?!? I am also hoping for a SLICE :-o